Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blue and White Earrings

I love the way these look and I've already put them in my Etsy shop. Most anyone can wear blue. It's very comfortable color to be around.

I love long dangly earrings. But I'm sure many people will want shorter earrings so I'll be making some of those as well. I'm sure some workplaces have tight restrictions regarding earrings. Luckily I'm self-employed and can wear whatever I want.

After beading all day I could use a neck massage. I'm right in the middle of two pairs of earrings. One is pink and white and the other is gold and iridescent blue. But I needed a break to rest my neck and eyes.
And I've already finished a pair in aqua and pink. I'm really into this aqua color lately. I get attached to certain colors and can't seem to get enough of them for a while.

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