Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beaded Collar

I've been focusing on a collar done on green faux suede. I took photos of it last night to share. It seems like everything I make lately is green. I think that's to make up for years of ignoring that color. But it also has some blue areas, and some areas with a color I like to call 'rootbeer', and it has a black and white section. I'm using some of my favorite hoarded beads in this one. It brings back memories as I think of the people that gave me some of them, or of the stores I bought them at. It's like a little walk down memory lane every time I make something. It's good to use up the stash.

I found I had to glue down a few of the bigger focal beads to make them lay flat and not worked their way into some lopsided position.

The collar is not cut out yet. I find it easier to do beading on a larger piece. I basted the shape of the collar and I'm beading within the lines. Later, after all the beadwork is done, I'll add a lining and a back piece to protect the knots.

One of the hardest things about beadwork is how do I price it? The beads alone probably cost $100. but it's all the time invested that it's hard to recoup.