Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working With Delicas

I'm trying out my new Delica beads. Even though these are size 11 and the beads I've been using are size 11, these seem so much tinier and harder to work with. Three rows into the design I spotted a mistake on the first row.  It will be too time consuming to redo it all. I'm just going to start over after resting my neck, shoulders, and eyes for a while. If these come out I'll sell the chart on Etsy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spiral Vessel

I got the spiral vessel I was working on a while back out of the bin and started working on it again. I've put in too much time to let it fall through the cracks. But this morning I woke up and remembered some beaded feathers I was inspired by at an archery shoot last year and I'd like to start one of those as well.
We have some amazing pheasant feathers I can use.

It looks like it will be a bright sunny day so I'll be able to work outside where the light is best.

Bead Graph Paper

If you want to design your own bead work, it helps to have beading graph paper. is one place.
And here is another:

Make sure you grab the right one for the type of beading you are planning.