Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pearl Valentine

After some major reorganizing of my work space, I finally have a table I can do beadwork on again, with enough fancy lighting so that I can work even when the sun goes down. I just need to get in the habit of doing a little beadwork each day.

For Valentine's Day I made this valentine with fresh water pearl beads. The holes were so tiny, I could almost never get a needle through them, so I found a project with no needles required. I glued them straight to the card. When I figured out who to give it to, I personalized the front with her name. She liked it so much, she wants to frame it.

Pesky Peyote Stitch

I'm struggling with some new Peyote Stitch beading techniques. It should be a piece of cake. I must have some kind of mental block. I'm going to keep trying though. I did finish one bead on Saturday, but I ad libbed it after losing track of where I was on the chart. I chose a color scheme of purple, pale green and yellow. It's so time consuming that I start feeling guilty that there must be better uses for my time, like making a living. At the rate I'm going, I'd have to charge a million dollars for each necklace.