Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pesky Peyote Stitch

I'm struggling with some new Peyote Stitch beading techniques. It should be a piece of cake. I must have some kind of mental block. I'm going to keep trying though. I did finish one bead on Saturday, but I ad libbed it after losing track of where I was on the chart. I chose a color scheme of purple, pale green and yellow. It's so time consuming that I start feeling guilty that there must be better uses for my time, like making a living. At the rate I'm going, I'd have to charge a million dollars for each necklace.


F. Z. Harper said...

Sergio, I know you left a comment, but I can't find it to moderate it. I added photos for you though.

Chris said...

Hi Fayme,

I found your post through a Google alert. :) Have you done "odd-count" peyote stitch before? When you have an odd number of columns, you need to essentially weave through the beadwork a little at the end of every other row to reposition the needle.